About Us

At Wrangle we have our DREAMS.

Determination, Resilience, Excellence, Aspiration, Motivation, to achieve Success.

Teachers and Support staff work as a team to encourage and model positive ways to learn and behave and to establish our Vision.

We want our children to achieve and have a curriculum which is based on a 2 year cycle of topics to engage children's interest. We use ICT in a range of ways to add stimulus to lessons.

We have a reward system called GEWPs which Is Great Elite Wrangle Pound.  Children receive GEWPs for a range of things. Many are for excellent work, or effort in class but many are for being a good friend, saying thank you etc. They are in the form of paper notes and children spend them in our GEWP shop which is full of all sorts of goodies. Our older children save theirs in the GEWP bank and withdraw them to pay for items they want.  This gives them an introduction to saving for things. Every Monday we have a Celebration Assembly to hand out certificates. We believe strongly in using praise and rewards. Our Learning Mentor works with children on a wide range of topics and is there to support children and families.

We have our own swimming pool which is used by all pupils from April to October.

If you have any questions or queries about our school, please contact Mr Petch.

If you would like to discuss special educational needs, please contact our SENDCO, Mrs Jackson

Headteacher   Mr Matthew Petch

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