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Welcome to Crimson class' page. Our teachers are Mrs Adiotomre and Mr Petch.


Home Learning

This document is Crimson class' Home Learning Ideas for Blue Abyss


We have tried to give a clearer idea of what to complete each day as some parents/carers have asked for a little more structure. It is important to remember that children should be able to complete these tasks and where they find it difficult, please email teachers who can help out. The maths activities give a clear tutorial on how to complete the tasks and are very useful!

Please try to complete 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of TT Rockstars each day.

White Rose Maths Link:

Year 3

Lesson 1 -  Worksheet     Answers

Lesson 2 -  Worksheet     Answers

Lesson 3 -  Worksheet     Answers

Lesson 4 -  Worksheet     Answers

Lesson 5 - Challenges on White Rose Website




Make sure you are keep logging in to TT Rockstars and keep trying to earn more coins and reduce your speed per question!


e-books are available at:


Below are a list of useful links that children can use at home if they wish:


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