Our Curriculum


We want our children to follow their DREAMS.

We want our children to be happy and feel safe in an environment where friendship is valued. We want them to be kind and caring and know how to make the right choices in order to keep themselves safe and be good citizens.

We want our children to be brave enough to ask questions that matter. We want them to question the way of the world and think about issues globally. We want them to be expressive and be creative in their nature.

We want our children to be able to respect and understand their community and their world by looking at what is around them locally, nationally and globally.

We want our children to be prepared for the world that they are growing up in, whilst having the knowledge to appreciate and understand what has happened to create the world that we live in today.

We want our children to have high aspirations and be able to find a way to be successful in whatever they choose to do in their future.

We support our children with this through the topics we cover and the experiences we provide.

Our Projects:

Here at Wrangle Primary School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum using Cornerstones projects, a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children.

In all three of our mixed classes, we follow a two-year curriculum plan. Our projects are chosen to engage children with their learning. Each project will give them the opportunity to develop their subject knowledge from across the National Curriculum and their own vocabulary. We teach individual subjects throughout our projects and ensure that children recognise the subject they are studying. Our Why We Learn About... document supports staff and children with this. 

Long Term Curriculum Plans:

You can view our Long Term Curriculum Plan here:            Cycle A             Cycle B

Red class also includes our Reception pupils, we follow the Early Years Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. This Framework specifies the requirement for learning and development in the Early Years and provides specific areas of learning we must cover in our curriculum.

These areas are: 

  • · Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • · Physical Development
  • · Communication and Language development
  • · Literacy
  • · Mathematics
  • · Understanding the World
  • · Expressive Arts and Design

A vital aspect in the development of essential knowledge and skills is the use of continuous provision. This means that children are using and developing certain skills throughout the year on a daily/weekly basis. Continuous Provision practice and principles begin in Early Years Foundation Stage and support children to develop key life skills such as independence; innovation; creativity, enquiry; analysis and problem solving.

We have worked hard to make sure the Continuous Provision practice feeds in to our Key Stage 1 Curriculum and links are made for our children and their learning from the start.


To find out more about the topics that we cover, please follow this link to the Cornerstones website.







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