Our Vision


We want our children to be happy and feel safe in an environment where friendship is valued. We want them to be kind and caring and know how to make the right choices in order to keep themselves safe and be good citizens.

We want our children to be brave enough to ask questions that matter. We want them to question the way of the world and think about issues globally. We want them to be expressive and be creative in their nature.

We want our children to be able to respect and understand their community and their world by looking at what is around them locally, nationally and globally.

We want our children to be prepared for the world that they are growing up in, whilst having the knowledge to appreciate and understand what has happened to create the world that we live in today.

We want our children to have high aspirations and be able to find a way to be successful in whatever they choose to do in their future.

We want our children to follow their DREAMS, using our school values to help them:

Determination, Respect, Equality, Aspiration, Motivation to Succeed.


Our Values 

At Wrangle we have our DREAMS:









We asked our children and parents/carers to choose five words to describe our school. This wordle shows their results:









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