Reading at Wrangle

Children who read regularly or are read to regularly have the opportunity to open the doors to so many different worlds! More importantly, reading will give our children the tools to become independent life-long learners.

We aim to achieve this together through:

  • Read Write Inc, a program to help to your child read at school
  • Encouraging children to develop a love of books by reading to them daily -  at home and at school
  • Giving children access to a wide range of books at school and at home


We use a wide variety of texts, within lessons, to support our children in their reading.  We believe that sharing a book is important and instills a love of learning within our children. 

At Wrangle Primary School we follow Read Write Inc. Phonics. Upon starting school, children initially have a book with no words at all, as this supports comprehension and understanding through talking about its content with someone at home or school.  Quick and regular assessments take place to ensure children are on the right ‘level’ of book. Each child will receive a Home-School Reading book which is closely linked to the level that they are on. Some pupils will receive a book from a colour that they have already covered in order to embed their knowledge of certain sounds.The RWI Book band books do not directly link to the NC book banding colours however the chart below shows where we would expect a child on RWI to be in relation to NC book banding. This is given to allow the children to take a second book home to share. This is a 'we can' book to allow the adult to share the reading as the children may not have been introduced to every sound in the 'we can' book. 


Our Book Band use Lime not Black


Key Stage 2 children will continue to access the phonics if needed. Otherwise, they will follow books which have been carefully matched to their abilities. We also have a range of books in their classrooms moving further on to our ‘free readers’ library. 

We advise our families that they can help with phonics, spelling and an understanding of grammar through good communication (plenty of talk) and plenty of reading.  There are many resources and apps available to support children’s phonological development and a quick search on the internet will provide you with lots – a quick conversation with your child’s class teacher will also provide you with some of their favourite resources!



At Wrangle Primary School we use Read Write Inc. Phonics. Read Write Inc (RWI) is a phonics complete literacy programme which helps all children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.  The programme is designed for children aged 4-7. Staff are trained in how to deliver the programme and pupils are organised in to groups according to their phonic knowledge throughout the school. 

Sometimes, pupils who are in Key Stage Two still take part in RWI Phonics lessons. In addition to their lessons, they receive extra reading intervention.

All children who are accessing RWI Phonics will receive two reading books. One reading book that matches their book level and the sounds that they are learning - we can this an 'I can' book as children can read this themselves. They have a second book, a 'we can' book to share together with an adult to develop their love of reading.


Reading Lessons

At Wrangle Primary School we use a whole-class approach to the teaching of reading in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. We want our children to have a love of reading and therefore children will have the opportunity to read for pleasure and choose books that interest them whilst developing the key skills of reading through teaching sessions.

We use VIPERS (Literacy Shed) to support the teaching of reading and these are evident in teaching sessions.


Reading for Pleasure

At Wrangle Primary School we actively encourage reading for pleasure and recognise it as a core part of every child’s education, regardless of their background or attainment. We make reading a key part of our curriculum and expose pupils to a wide range of texts in a variety of different situations.

We take the view that extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts makes a vital contribution to every child’s educational achievement.

Reading for pleasure aims to establish each child as a lifetime reader. Studies emphasise the importance of reading for pleasure for both educational as well as personal development. They show that promoting reading can have a major impact on children, their future and their life chances.

The Reading for Pleasure policy stands alone focusing on the importance of reading and how we undertake it at Wrangle.  This policy focuses on the promotion and encouragement of reading as an enjoyable activity.



Staff use our online assessment tool, EAZMAG, to track pupil progress against National Curriculum Objectives. Data is collected three times a year and pupils are highlighted for additional support through Pupil Progress Meetings.


Parental Engagement

Each term we will host a Share a Story morning / afternoon where parents will have the opportunity to read to or with children in school. We will try to have a different theme for each session.

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