Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

SENCO - Mrs Michele Baxter

Our Aim

At Wrangle Primary school we believe in participation for all. We want all adults and children to participate in learning and we celebrate all members of our community. We foster an inclusive culture in our school and we are responsive to the diversity of children’s backgrounds, interests, experience, knowledge and skills.

We value high quality teaching for all learners and actively monitor teaching and learning in the school.

We aim to create a learning environment which is flexible enough to meet the needs of all members of our school community.

We monitor progress of all learners, and staff continually assess ensuring that learning is taking place.

Our whole school system for monitoring progress includes regular pupil progress meetings and staff engage in regular CPD.

We acknowledge and draw on parents’ knowledge and expertise in relation to their own child.


Our Objectives

- To identify, at the earliest possible opportunity, barriers to learning and participation for pupils with SEND.

-To ensure that every child experiences success in their learning and achieves to their full potential.

- To enable all children to participate in lessons fully and effectively.

- To value and encourage the contribution of all children to the life of the school.

- To work in partnership with parents.

- To work with the Governing Body to enable them to fulfil their statutory monitoring role with regard to the Policy Statement for SEND.

- To work closely with external support agencies, where appropriate, to support the need of individual pupils.

- To ensure that all staff have access to training and advice to support quality teaching and learning for all pupils.


For more information about SEND at Wrangle, please read our policy.

SEND Information Report

Accessibility Plan Document



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